Environment of safety and confidence | 03/24/2022

In the almost 20 years that we’ve lived in Austin, Lisa has supported three big moves for us, and we can’t say enough how much her expertise and professionalism mean to us. Her advice and support, along with the amazing Munoz team, have all created an environment of safety and confidence in each project, from start to finish. I wish I could name all who have contributed, but I believe mention should go to Helen Gregg and Carlisle Kennedy during our recent sale of our Georgetown home to the year-long construction and final completion of the new Wimberley house. We have consistently promoted Lisa and Realty Austin to our friends and family as the best in this city and beyond.

Dan Griffiths and Sam Elkins

MVP’s! | 04/05/2022

Lisa and her team are the all-time MVPs. They helped us buy our first home in 2016 and have been trusted advisors to us since then on any house-related questions. I think I’ve recommended her to half a dozen people by now, and all of them had a positive experience too. I really appreciate that she and her team take time to understand what we’re looking for, really advocate for what’s best for us, never pressure us to do anything we’re not 100% on board for, and tell us the hard truth when what we want just isn’t reasonable. A++, would use again (but hopefully not for a while, because moving is a drag).

Tanner Blair

Kind, Caring and Responsive | 05/19/2022

My colleague recommended Lisa Muñoz at Realty Austin a few months ago and we just moved into our dream house this week. I couldn’t be happier with her amazing team. Everyone on the Lisa Muñoz Team–Lisa, Teel, Helen, Colby, Lori, Camille–were kind, caring, responsive, and professional. Because of the craziness of the austin market, my husband and I almost overbid on our house because we loved it so much. Teel saved us with their persistence and got intel on the bidding situation from the other realtor. The team also walked us through every step of the process, from connecting with a lender who got us a solid rate, to arranging appointments with all sorts of people–inspectors, arborists, pest control people. They sent us cookies after we entered into the contract phase and pizza after we closed. They also have wonderful connections throughout austin. Lisa is very well-respected so I found that people treated us well. Their team is incredibly knowledgeable about the ridiculous market. I thought I would feel icky about buying a house and contributing to the massive gentrification of the city, and while that will be an ongoing problem, I found that I could talk to teel about every single anxiety and question that I had. Thank you to the Lisa Muñoz Team! You all made our family very, very happy.

Chu M.

A well-oiled machine | 05/31/2022

Our experience with Lisa was impeccable from beginning to end. She was recommended to us by a friend and it was an amazing experience. We worked most closely with Teel Warren and Lisa and both of them were absolutely wonderful. They were direct in answering questions and sought out information if they didn’t have an answer. If Lisa or Teel were not available, someone from the team got back to us immediately. I don’t think we waited more than 24 hours for a response to any of our queries during the entire process. I can’t speak highly enough of the whole team. They are a well-oiled machine that made the process of buying a house as transparent as possible. We loved our experience. We’re not planning to move anytime soon, but if we do, we’ll definitely be using Lisa again and we would absolutely recommend her to friends and family.

Nandini Chaturvedula

Low Pressure Approach | 06/10/2022

I am grateful to have been able to work with Lisa Munoz and her team. My property had troublesome problems, and I had been afraid I might not be able to find a buyer.  Additionally, since I’m concerned with privacy, I had restrictions on the way I wanted the sale advertised. So I was not sure a realtor was going to want to take on the task of finding a buyer for me. But Lisa did, and she and her whole team were very friendly, great about communication, and made things go very smoothly for me. Selling a long-held home with unique problems that complicate direct comparison to similar properties can be a fraught task, and I particularly appreciate the psychological room afforded me by the team’s low-pressure approach and Lisa’s expertise on the relevant particulars. Should any of my Austin friends be seeking a realtor, I’d be very happy to recommend


Professional, Dedicated & Personable | 07/06/2022

Lisa Muñoz and her team, especially Teel Warren, have been among the most professional, dedicated, and personable people we’ve worked with — in real estate and in general! They were helpful, cheerful, fast to respond via email or text to answer our questions, offer professional input, articulate both pros and cons, etc. We bought a house with them while being based several time zones away, and could not have hoped for a smoother process. And despite the craziness of the Austin housing market, they helped us get an offer accepted on our top choice on our very first bid! Thanks, Lisa, Teel, and everyone else on the team for a fantastic house-buying experience!


We really enjoy working with Lisa and the whole team.

We really enjoy working with Lisa and the whole team. We’ve bought and sold homes with Lisa and every time the experience has been seamless and we’ve felt like we had help and advice through every step of the process.

Paula S.

Lisa was great!

Lisa was great. I have two friends that recommended Lisa to me and I too would recommend her to any other friends looking to sell their house in Austin.

Andrew M.

Can’t say enough positive things about this process. 

Lisa and her team at Realty Austin were nothing short of spectacular.  My wife and I approached this process (and the crazy Austin market) with concern in that we weren’t sure we could pull off the purchase of a home that worked for our situation and budget.  That said, Lisa’s team was extraordinary (shout out to Teel Warren!) and we were provided excellent advice every step of the way.  Even when we were sure about a place they professionally guided us away by commenting on specific pitfalls that we would’ve never had caught ourselves.  While my wife and I are engineers and we loved to look at data and challenge some of the notions around why a home may be worth it or not, we ultimately just got to a point through the constant communication with Lisa’s team where we completely trusted their opinion.  Having that trust was truly a blessing, especially with our busy lives (two kids and demanding jobs).  Can’t say enough positive things about this process.  We’ll be using Lisa and her team again in the future without a doubt!

Ben R.

Best buying process ever!

Best buying process ever! Teel and Helen on Lisa’s team streamlined the process and minimized my stress. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy.

Andreas L.