February 2021

I chose Lisa Muñoz due to her frankness and no-nonsense attitude in our initial telephone conversation, and I’m very pleased I did. She and her team expertly guided this first-time homebuyer through the insanity of the pandemic-era Austin real estate market and got me into the condo in NW Austin I was looking for much more quickly than I had hoped for. I particularly want to praise Latoya Fladger for her quick responses to my requests and Helen Gregg for getting me through the closing without losing my mind. These are experienced professionals who have seen it all, and I absolutely recommend them to any first-time buyers.

Ben N.

A Powerhouse

Lisa is so much more than a real estate agent. She is a powerhouse of useful information. She’s an ongoing friend and advisor, she’s a network that leads to new friends, and superior service companies. And finally, she’s an expert, whose intelligence, focus, calm, and courage create success for those lucky enough to work with her.



Lisa was exceptional to work with. She was professional with me from start to finish and I really liked her approach on assessing my needs.

I will recommend Lisa to my friends and colleagues not only because of her professional and experience, but because of her great understanding of the Austin market. Lisa’s team exemplified these qualities as well and made my life very during my search and final transaction. Kudos to Lisa, Helen, Colby and Jenna!

Costa B.